Our Distinctives, taken together as a whole, distinguish us from other churches.

 We are a Baptist church.  Historically, particular doctrinal distinctives have accompanied believers who have borne the name “Baptist.”  We hold to those doctrinal positions because we believe they most accurately reflect New Testament Christianity. They are important to us.  Identifying with them distinguishes us from other churches.  


We are a Fundamental Baptist church.  The name “fundamental” has come to mean many things to people due to references like “Islamic Fundamentalists.”  In the 1920’s the term was used to describe groups of believers who held to the “fundamentals” of the faith (such as the Deity of Christ, The Virgin Birth...) as opposed to the “liberals” or “modernists” who denied some or all of the fundamentals.  The label “Fundamental” came to describe those who will take a strong stand on all the truths of God’s Word and who evidence that by the following: A militant defense of and proclamation of the Word of God and a separation from those who do not believe and practice the truths of the Word of God. As a fundamental Baptist church, we are “non-ecumenical.”  We believe it is contrary to God’s Word for us to identify with, cooperate with, or show approval of those who do not hold to the doctrines of the Word of God.  


We are Independent.  We do not identify with nor are a part of a larger group of churches or organization.  We are not a part of a “denomination” and its organizational structure.  We are not a franchise of another church or group of churches. We may fellowship with other churches of like faith and practice (For example the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship), but no other church, group of churches, or individuals dictates to our local church its doctrine or practices.  


We are Congregational in our church governanceWe believe that the New Testament pattern is that the local church is “self-governing.”  The members of the church gathered together to hear matters and to make choices. The local church congregation chooses its own officers, exercises its own discipline and addressed its own internal affairs.  The local church congregation supported its own local ministries through regular, systematic giving and chooses, sends, and supports its own missionaries or messengers.  


We are not “charismatic.”  We are Cessationist.  We believe that the biblical gift of tongues was the instantaneous, supernatural ability to speak in known foreign languages as a sign authenticating the message and the messengers of the gospel.  We believe that the gift of tongues, along with other miraculous gifts, prophecy and healing, ceased to function with the completion of the written Word of God and the death of the Apostles.  


We use the King James Version of the Bible, but we are NOT King James Only in our teaching.  See “Frequently Asked Questions” in the "I'm New" section for more.