“What translation or version do you use?”            

          At Berean Baptist Church we want our distinction to be that we stand upon the sufficient, inerrant, infallible Word of God.  We purpose to know it, obey it, and proclaim it with an unceasing passion.  Our focus is on understanding and obedience, not allowing the divisiveness and consuming nature of the “version issue” to “become an issue.”             

          Our position on English Translations: Bible Translations:  We affirm that the 66 canonical books of the Bible are verbally inspired as found in their original autographs (2 Tim. 3:16).  Modern language Bibles that accurately reflect the originals derive their authority from those autographs, so that a good translation of the Bible can be confidently called the Word of God.  We reject all translations that reflect theological liberalism, paraphrasing of the text, or political agendas (such as gender neutrality, etc.).                

          The King James translation, being a careful translation, will be the English text used by Berean Baptist Church throughout its ministry in the public proclamation and memorization of God’s Word.   While we value the King James Version, we do not subscribe to nor permit the propagation of the King James Only view.  

          With the above position we do not require our members to use any specific translation, but the King James Version has been chosen to be used in our public ministries. The King James Version is an accurate translation that has stood the test of time. The English of the KJV is majestic and does not stoop to crude expressions, nor does it profane spiritual things.  The style gives God the honor and glory He is due. It is the version that is used by the majority of our church members. Having a standard translation in the local church aids the effectiveness of public teaching, preaching, and reading, memorization, recall, and familiarity with your Bible.  It promotes unity, removing opportunities for contention and division over matters of personal preference.    


“What is your music like?”

          At Berean Baptist Church we remind ourselves that worship is more than music. In worship we seek to direct our eyes and thoughts off of ourselves and onto God Himself, who He is, and what He has done, and what He requires of us.  Our purpose is not to entertain, to produce an emotional excitement, or to please any personal preferences, but to engage our minds and spirits in genuine reverence and submission to God.

          Our singing is primarily congregational singing from a hymnal with piano accompaniment. Emphasis is placed the words and meaning of what we are singing. Occasionally we have prepared music sung or played for the congregation. Instrumental music is played during our worship in giving.  With any prepared music, attention is directed not to the performance, entertainment value, or created emotions, but to engaging our thoughts in the message of the words the music communicates.  


“What do people wear to church?”

          We have no set dress code.  You will see many men wearing a coat and tie and many women in skirts or dresses, but others come more casually.  Because we believe that the church is important and our God worthy, we dress accordingly to honor Him and show importance to what we are doing as a church body. Our focus is not on what anyone is wearing, but on the Lord and His Word, and the spiritual needs of those in attendance.

          At our Midweek Connection the dress is more casual.